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We manufacture our very own consumables especially for you to make optimum use of RACHAK

Dravya (3D Ink)
Vat Tray


Zerif Lite

The name RACHAK is inspired from the name of Lord Brahma. As per Indian mythology, Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe.

RACHAK is a powerful Rapid Prototyping Machine based on stereolithography that sets standards in terms of speed and ease of use. The fact that it is easy to maintain and, perhaps even more importantly, affordable to operate, the system is ideal for small businesses and professional end users. Thanks to the layer-by-layer forming technology, there are no limits to the geometric complexity of the models: undercuts, cavities, thin surfaces and complex shapes can be created without any difficulty. As a result, it can be used in a wide range of areas, such as in the production jewelry, dental and artifacts.

  • Build area – 115 mm by 64.68 mm
  • Build height – Variable from 25 microns to 100 microns
  • Build speed – 25 mm / hour at 50 microns build height.
  • Auto-shutdown and Pause feature.
  • Remote monitoring

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